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“I want to thank Brad for creating these amazing Zazzo® Template designs. I have used them on makeup applications from old-age to beauty and effects related to prosthetic work. The versatility of the shapes and designs make the Makeup FX™ an essential tool in my makeup kit!”

—Allan A. Apone


The Art of Airbrushing Makeup Part Two: What Product Line Do I Use? (continued)

by Bradley M. Look

Let's now turn our attention back to which airbrush makeup lines are currently available. Because this list is quite extensive, it can be accessed at here. Products are listed by their brand name, as well as the name of the manufacturer. Additionally, you'll find colors, size amounts, and other pertinent information listed. For example what is the chemical makeup of a product? That is to say, is it considered water or alcohol based? Or is it something else? What is the proper cleaner to run through your airbrush when you're finished spraying? That's always an important one to know so as not to clog up your gun. I've also listed which products are good for doing a beauty makeup and which are better suited for fantasy or prosthetic work.

All of the brands listed are pre-reduced, so they're ready-to-use straight from the bottle. To atomize, spray between 3 and 6 PSI. Remember that the process of airbrushing makeup should be a pleasant one. Using pressure higher than necessary is not only uncomfortable for your model, but also displaces more product in the air, which is unhealthy.

Now while every attempt has been made to make this a complete list, I am sure that one or two might have been inadvertently left off. New makeup products pop up everyday. You'll find the listing pretty extensive, so I would highly recommend that you print out a hard copy as reference here. This will help you with any web browsing and ordering you might want to do in the future.

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